Mail Merge to Separate PDFs with Custom File Names and Folder Locations. No Plugin Needed!

October 8, 2022 by No Comments

*** UPDATE! Mac code now available on website! ***

We tell you the best way of converting your Mail Merge into separate PDF documents so that each PDF has an individually defined file name and folder location.

This is done using a Word Macro, so you avoid some horrible complex process, any need for a paid-for third-party plug-in, and if you’ve got that far, any need to re-name and sort out a folder full of PDF files.

In this video we will take you through the process of adding the Macro, setting up the data and running the Mail Merge to PDF.

The Macro is available on our website here:


0:00 Introduction
2:51 Initial Setup
3:33 Adding the macro to Word
6:36 Setting up the letter template in Word mail merge
7:10 Creating the mail merge data with file names and folder paths
10:50 First run
11:57 Reviewing the macro code line by line
22:31 Thanks for watching


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