Property Management Franchise Interview

October 25, 2022 by No Comments

In this live stream you will learn about:

1) Benefits of a property management franchise
2) Size and growth of the U.S. property management market
3) How Property Management Inc. (PMI) is positioned with competitors
4) PMI Franchise Cost and More

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00:00 Introduction
00:52 About property Management – Different types
05:00 Never-stoping growing
05:52 Difference with competitors
07:47 Conversion sales
08:17 First-timers
08:55 Consolidation help
10:07 Avoid bad deals
11:22 Organic growth
12:46 Previous experience
14:08 Full-time Franchise
16:31 Invest level
17:57 Franchisee sinergy
18:45 Franchise fee is more expensive for E2 visa investors
20:36 Property manager’s Job
25:28 Regions and Pilar focus
26:46 Bussiness during COVID-19
28:25 The future of Property Management
30:26 Franchise resale opportunities
30:54 Contact us


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