Dak Prescott Contract Extension? Why The Dallas Cowboys SHOULD Extend Their Franchise QB SOON

November 28, 2022 by No Comments

Dak Prescott has 3 years left on his contract with the Dallas Cowboys, but if Jerry Jones, Stephen Jones and Mike McCarthy want to help their chances of winning a Super Bowl soon, the best path is exactly what ESPN and Todd Archer recently pitched: extend Dak Prescott. While a Dak Prescott contract extension would be expensive, the Cowboys should have learned their lesson from the last time Dak was due to get paid: The longer you wait, the more expensive it is. And with the way the QB contract markets are going, deals are only going to get more expensive. Cowboys Report Host Tom Downey breaks down his thoughts on today’s show.

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Fly into the comments section and answer today’s questions:
– Do you want to extend Dak? Type ‘Y’ for Yes and Type ‘N’ for No
– Most you’d pay Dak Prescott per year?
– Rank Dak Prescott among NFL QBs

Dak Prescott on a contract extension: “I told you guys I wasn’t paying attention much when mine was going on, so damn sure not paying attention to the other guys. Happy for all of them. Good for the league. I’m sure it will just continue to go that way.”

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Highest Paid QBs per year
#1: Aaron Rodgers – 50.27 MM
#2: Kyler Murray – $46.10 MM
#3: Deshaun Watson – $46.00 MM
#4: Patrick Mahomes – $45.00 MM
#5: Josh Allen – $43.00 MM
#6: Derek Carr – $40.50 MM
T-7: Dak Prescott – $40.00 MM
T-7: Matt Stafford – $40.00 MM

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Highest Paid QBs (GTD)
#1: Deshaun Watson – $230.00 MM
#2: Kyler Murray – $160.00 MM
#3: Aaron Rodgers – $150.82 MM
#4: Josh Allen – $150.00 MM
#5: Patrick Mahomes – $141.48 MM
#6: Matt Stafford – $130.00 MM
#7: Dak Prescott – $126.00 MM
#8: Jared Goff – $110.04 MM

QBs Due for New Deals
Lamar Jackson (Ravens)
Russell Wilson (Broncos)
Justin Herbert (Chargers)
Joe Burrow (Bengals)
Kirk Cousins (Vikings)
Matt Ryan (Colts)

Dak Prescott’s last 4 years of stats:
– 2021: 68.8%, 4,449 YDS, 37 TD, 10 INT
– 2020: 68.0%, 1,856 YDS, 9 TD, 4 INT
– 2019: 65.1%, 4,902 YDS, 30 TD, 11 INT
– 2018: 67.7%, 3,885 YDS, 22 TD, 8 INT

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ESPN’s reasons for extending Dak Prescott sooner rather than later:
#1 Cap management starting in 2023
#2 The rising cost of quarterback contracts
#3 The fear of going into a season without a franchise quarterback

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