Do NOT Be a Middleman! | A business model that DOESN’T WORK. (from former CEO)

December 13, 2022 by No Comments

Former CEO shares insights. Business and Entrepreneur Mentoring. Practical How-To Tips and advice. Business strategy video. The problem with a business model where the startup founder is a middleman between the money and the subcontractors. If you liked this video, please subscribe, to learn how you can get start, grow, and lead your own business to success.

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In this video I cover: “Do NOT Be a Middleman! | A business model that DOESN’T WORK. (from former CEO)”, aspiring entrepreneur, mistake to avoid, founder becomes a middleman, middleperson, way to start a company, business model canvas, pay people to develop the product, market the product, sales, marketing, obtain financing, business model, role of a CEO, resource allocation, representing the company publicly, economics of startups, create value, breaking business laws, fail consistently, hire people to develop your product, hourly wage, subcontractor, employee, incentive to work efficiently, quality, go the extra mile, start a startup, and answering your questions.

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