Stop Client Scope Creep In Professional Services Businesses

December 22, 2022 by No Comments

Do your clients keep asking for work that’s out of scope? Here’s how you get on them on the same page.

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Do you ever get clients that ask for more than what was agreed? They just keep adding to the scope of work by asking “can you do this for me?” “can you do that?” “here’s a small thing, can you help?”

As we all know, the more you say “yes” upfront, the harder it becomes to say “no.” And a once profitable project quickly turns unprofitable.

So what causes scope creep and more importantly how do you fix it?

The problem is caused by lack of clarity. Clarity for you and your clients around what you’re doing and what you’re not doing. The trick is to clearly define your deliverables upfront so everyone is on the same page. This helps you stay on track.

In this video, David Jenyns shares his insights on how to best avoid scope creep.


0:13 What is scope creep in project management?
0:54 Time vampire clients.
1:30 What causes scope blowout?
2:40 How to gain clarity in project management.
3:50 Define the scope of work based on the Critical Client Flow.
4:11 Underpromise what you’re going to give the client and then overdeliver.
4:44 Project management scope of work document
5:15 It’s hard for the client to dispute it, because it was agreed upon.
6:15 Limiting your scope will skyrocket your client satisfaction.

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