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This tutorial will give you useful insight about business opportunities in Hyderabad and locations across India. I will also review, an online platform that facilitates business acquisitions and finding new business opportunities across India.

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Video Chapters:
00:00 Intro to the tutorial on business opportunities in Hyderabad
00:24 SMEs in India
00:44 The need of equity financing
01:30 Lack of awareness of equity transactions among SMEs
01:56 The dearth of equity investing firms
02:04 SME IPOs and the tardy equity culture amongst SMEs
02:43 VC Fund for the SME investment market
03:54 Harness the power of smeDEALZ

SMEs in India have been hungry for investments. Despite the appetite, most of the family run businesses are wary of a stake dilution and an external investor coming in. However, the second-generation entrepreneurs that have had higher education on business management and crave for growing their businesses, both vertically and horizontally, do look forward for growth equity from professional investors.

SMEs in many sectors are capital intensive. Capital intensive industries require equity investment to fire their growth. Equity finance is key for companies that seek long-term corporate investment, to sustain innovation, value creation and growth. SMEs in the eCommerce and other service industries need burning capital, i.e., capital needed to set up their marketing and sale infrastructure, recruitment of high calibre personnel, and to penetrate the target market. Equity financing is especially relevant for companies that have a high risk-return profile, such as new, innovative, and high growth firms. Subscribe to to explore India business opportunities.

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