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Here is a Question and Answer (Q’n’A) session recorded at the Empowering the Modern Day xSP event.

The event took place at Sunset Australasia in Manchester on 3rd March 2020 and was attended by a group of progressive Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and IT Solution Providers.

️ Moderator: The IT Business Growth Expert, Richard Tubb


️ Tim Swainson – Cloud and Service Provider, Sales Manager – Kemp Technologies
️ Andy Bodgan – Head of UK SMB Channel, Kaspersky
️ Olivia Donnell – EMEA Channel Director, StorageCraft
️ Nick Kimber – Enterprise Account Manager, Commscope
️ Jason Hill – Sales Director Europe, Exertis


What is an XSP? – 02:57
What do partners ask you for that makes you think “Hey, this is a partnership”? – 05:30
What do you, as a partner want from a vendor? – 09:47
How do you support partners with trust, transparency, protection? – 10:31
What could vendors do to reduce the friction to you doing business with them? – 12:01
How do you play well with other vendors and what does that mean for the relationship with the MSP? – 16:58
How do you make sure that everybody gels together for the betterment of the people in the room? – 18:51
Kaspersky, how do you make it easy for people to get on board the XSP model and by that, I mean monthly billing? – 25:28
Kemp, you’ve made what could be an incredibly complicated product, simple. Is it the same for your billing? – 27:35
StorageCraft, what are MSP’s asking from you in terms of billing to make your life easier for them? – 28:40
Exertis – How are you alleviating the fears of selling hardware as a service? – 31:24
How do vendors assess the risk of charlatans setting up shop and selling all these as a service and maybe lowering the bar for the entire industry? – 38:19
How do you differentiate yourself as a vendor, and how would you unseat a competitor? – 45:21

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