New Franchise vs. Startup – How To Buy a Business – David C Barnett

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Learn how to buy an already-successful and profitable business in a risk-reduced way:

My guide to sell your own business:
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About ME: My name is David C. Barnett. I am a consultant and I work with entrepreneurs around the world to buy, sell, and organize their small to medium sized businesses. As a former business broker, I have seen many people do bad deals and lose their life savings as a result. So, I made it my mission to start this channel to help educate people on ways to invest smarter and to ask questions, so they don’t get trapped into doing bad deals.
I am also an author and written books such as Invest Local: A guide to superior investments returns in your own community. My most recent book is Smarter than a Startup: The Risk-Reduced way to get the business of your dreams up and running. Other titles include, How To Sell My Own Business and Franchise Warnings: What you really need to know before you buy. All titles are available here:

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